iTunes, Learning and You

Right now, your devoted hostess (NOVEMBER) is listening to an anthropology class from last Spring at UC BERKELEY. Somehow I’d managed to not find iTunesU until just a few days ago. It came at the perfect time, you see, for, as a girl forced to spend some extra time in school, I’ve had the luxury of really evaluating what field I want to get my Master’s (and possibly – ugh – the PhD) in. So, upon the discovery of a new “Library” in my iTunes, I discovered a new love. Thus became the designated usage of the 25 dollar iTunes gift card from my birthday. I was prepared to pay a few extra dollars for a good-sounding lecture – especially if paid with someone else’s money. Hell yes. Immediately, I searched for anthropology lectures. I nearly died when I realized that in the price column, they were all “FREE”.

Nearly died.

There are tons of different topics on there and I am a giddy supporter of continuing education, even when out of school. Don’t you have curiosity about the world in which you live? The complexity of it is fantastic.

Don’t take my advice; STANFORD has a great site directing you right to their page in iTunes. It is also featured in APPLE’s official tutorial video.

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