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One YouTube user under the moniker MELODYSHEEP has created something delicious to watch: Science to the tune of Auto-Tune. Calling this project “SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE”, MELODYSHEEP has created three beautiful and thought provoking experiences featuring the words of some of our time’s most famous scientists. The above video features CARL SAGAN, RICHARD FEYNMAN, NEIL deGRASSE TYSON and BILL NYE.

The pitch perfecting software has been around for a while, but now that pop music is running most singers through it, there has been some backlash. In fact, at this year’s 51st GRAMMY AWARDS the band DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE wore blue ribbons as a sign of protest.

“I think over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a lot of good musicians being affected by this newfound digital manipulation of the human voice, and we feel enough is enough.” -DEATH CAB front man BEN GIBBARD

JOHN BOSWELL is the man behind MELODYSHEEP and hopes to “bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the masses, in a novel way”. At the very least, we salute him for using his Auto-Tune powers for good and not for evil. Keep on the lookout for more, as the project is currently active.

We leave you with Auto-Tune the News:


.DEATH CAB Interview

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