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This week, I’ll try to provide some resources on staying up to date on the nightmarish U.S. government situation. There are plenty of politicians and journalists to follow on Twitter, but sometimes stepping away from Crisis Alerts every two hours is necessary to keep

It all started with this post at Jezebel. For those unfamiliar, Jezebel is a blog that covers everything from adorable animals (pictures posted biweekly – one for ‘hump day’ on Wednesday, another for ‘tgif’ Friday) to news wrap-ups, all generally from the questioning perspective of  feminism. Irin Carmon writes, “[The Daily Show is] also a boys’ club where women’s contributions are often ignored and dismissed.” I can’t imagine why that raised heckles.

On multiple occasions, I have been told that a child learns more in their first 5 years of life than they do throughout the rest of their life. Being the argumentative person I am, there are times that I have wanted to debate this theory. Upon further reflection, there is no way that I would win this argument.

The development of people is quite fascinating. Starting from conception, fewer than half of all fertilized eggs (zygotes) survive beyond the first two weeks. Those lucky ones that survive work their way into the embryonic stage (weeks 2-8). During this stage, humans are pretty much formed. The embryo develops all the major organs which are necessary for survival. The heart begins to beat and the liver starts making red blood cells. Weeks 9 through birth (fetal stage), all the fine details are worked on and the baby pops out with all fingers and toes in the right places (hopefully). Then the fun begins…

One YouTube user under the moniker MELODYSHEEP has created something delicious to watch: Science to the tune of Auto-Tune. Calling this project "SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE", MELODYSHEEP has created three beautiful and thought provoking experiences featuring the words of some of our time's most famous scientists.

In the news today, is a video of MARILYN MONROE smoking – what appears to be – a joint. The clip is silent; a home video shot 50 years ago that shows her with friends and fantastically happy. Whether or not it actually is marijuana, MARILYN is stilly a sassy, ballsy lady and we salute the stoner spirit on display.